Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5A, landside, Departures Level, check-in hall.
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Airport & Transportation

Keep travellers informed 

With the increasing demand of transportation, hubs like airports and train stations have to adapt to the higher expectations of travellers. As a leader in the Australian LED sign industry, MelbourneLED has helped these companies improve their customer experience through high quality signs.

  1. Communication
  2. The most important aspect for transportation hubs is consistent and accurate communication to viewers. Travellers need information for transport times, delays, gates and routes to be delivered on time and be easily accessed and seen. Our signs provides high performance with wide viewing angles, 24/7 operation and updates to content in real time.

  3. Wayfinding
  4. During peak hours, a loud and crowded transportation hub can be overwhelming to all within it. MelbourneLED can provide signs that offer directions to travellers and make it easier for them to go wherever their journey leads. XD Vision displays are bright, high resolution and easy to notice in a crowded situation and gives travellers a reliable guide to count on.

  5. Advertisement
  6. Transportation hubs are the perfect place to show advertisements to draw in potential customers. LED signs are much more attention grabbing than traditional static signs, capturing their attention even in crowded, cluttered environments. Apart from business advertisements, LED signs can also inform travellers for hotel, restaurant options, attractions and future events in the area.

  7. Entertainment
  8. With LED signs, extended periods of boring downtime can be turned into positive experiences. XD Vision LED display technology and MelbourneLED’s experienced design team can provide high level entertainment just for the occasion. These installations can give viewers an immersive experience and bring a sense of community and culture to a hub.

Information Services

Digital displays deployed as flight, gate and baggage information displays serve a critical role in busy terminals by providing passengers with the most up-to-date information in the places where they urgently need it. Durable, commercial-grade FIDs, GIDs and BIDs displays featuring high brightness, wide viewing angles and 24×7 reliability deliver lasting, mission-critical performance for demanding public terminal environments.

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Digital Signage

As airports, train stations and other transport station from static to digital signage, video walls, large format LCD displays, and other digital technologies are being integrated throughout facilities to reach passengers. Dynamic electronic displays engineered for continuous operation and the rigors of high-traffic public areas provide a range of uses including messaging, wayfinding, advertising, entertainment and architectural ambiance.

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Eye-catching display technologies offer a compelling medium for advertising across transport venues by attracting the attention of passing by and engaging captive audiences, allowing facilities to maximize ad space opportunities at key locations. High-resolution displays designs convey more impact with ad messages—driving traffic to internal vendors and boosting revenue streams for local businesses. 

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