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Design Meets Technology 

Creative architectural designs fuelled with creativity and technology can create unique buildings that dazzle viewers. Our signs can enhance your building even further by transforming your walls into a canvas to be filled with art.

MelbourneLED’s Creative LED display solutions deliver signs that complement the design of your building. We have the technology to transform any indoor or outdoor surface, whether it be domes, ceilings, doors, corners, and more into a digital canvas.

Our experienced design team can collaborate with design firms, architects and engineers to produce custom solutions tailored to your requirements. With your vision, we can create an amazing piece of art together for viewers to be inspired by for years to come.


We offering sensory-centric functionality that emphasizes and redefines the appearance of any building or structure. With the capability to transform almost any indoor or outdoor surface—domes, ceilings, floors, corners, angles, and more—into a digital façade.

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Behind every successful creative team is a passion for unique, inspired design. From top design firms and architects to engineers and construction companies, MelbourneLED experienced solutions team collaborates with clients to create custom LED display solutions that transform spaces into unique works of art, delivering sleek, jaw-dropping, cost-effective digital media environments to engage the senses.

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Eye-catching display technologies offer a compelling medium for advertising across transport venues by attracting the attention of passing by and engaging captive audiences, allowing facilities to maximize ad space opportunities at key locations. High-resolution displays designs convey more impact with ad messages—driving traffic to internal vendors and boosting revenue streams for local businesses.

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Latest projects 

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Burwood Dental Centre

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Sunshine College West Campus

Aug 2020, Sunshine VIC – QF Series P6.67…