Enhancing communication

Whilst digital signs are mostly seen in the commercial and advertising space, it also holds its ground in an educational application. More and more educational institutions are discovering how to take advantage of the high visibility of these signs and incorporating them into campus culture. Communication is vastly important as announcements and messages are delivered everyday to let everyone know about exciting events and activities to come. Whether it’s letting the student body know about an upcoming incursion or advising them about upcoming weather conditions, LED signs fit the bill with creating an effective communication system that delivers announcements on time and with high outreach.

LED school signs are a great investment with massive returns, whether the sign is put in the hallway, library, or visitor centre any place can benefit from digital signs. All kinds of schools from kindergartens to colleges have seen the benefits of using this technology in their everyday lives. Content management software makes scheduling and displaying messages a breeze and are much more efficient than the traditional bulletin board.

LED Message Sign

High brightness, low power consumption LED video displays for high ambient light environments. They’re built to endure the weather with LED treatments to protect them from ultraviolet rays, dust and water, without negatively impacting the viewing experience

Recommended Solutions:

Lecture Halls, Classrooms and Labs

Today, shopping centre are a perfect location for digital signs. Not only can you find steady foot traffic at shopping centre, they are also a one stop shop for demographic targeting.

Recommended Solutions:

Sport Hall

LED signs are perfect for scoreboards, having high visibility and being incredibly easy to use. Digi displays can achieve a more traditional score board, while LED Video Walls can include many other media such as animations and a more customizable layout. LED signs are built to last with impact resistance in the case of stray balls and long life LEDs.

Recommended Solutions:

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