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Custom Display Solutions

Imageine the possibilities. No Limitations, Start to Finish

XD Vision leads the LED sign industry with top of the line technology and craftmanship. We provide holistic solutions that address LED sign production and installation, customised designs, tailor-made content and software to easily manage it all. You provide us with your vision, and we will manage the rest to make it into reality. No matter what application you are looking for, there is something in here for you.

Get in contact now and let’s create an experience your customers will not forget.

  1. Custom Shapes
  2. We have many kinds of LED modules that suit different needs. Most of these can also have custom shapes and sizes to your choosing. Making an LED volcano, or even a spherical display of the Earth? We can do it.

  3. Transparent LED Displays
  4. These signs have a nearly holographic-like imagery that allows your audience can see through them. This lends them to be able to put onto large window surfaces like the side of a building or the window to a shop.

  5. Surface Wraps
  6. Have boring plain walls that can potentially become interactive artworks? Surface wrapping LED signs can wrap around nearly every surface, and can provide a platform to showcase art, promotional material or even interactive experiences for the audience. Give your customers an immersive and exciting experience with XD Vision.

Latest projects 

Farmer Jack's supermarket

April 2020, WA – P10 I Series 4…

Burwood Dental Centre

Aug 2020 Burwood VIC – BD Series P5…

Barista Coffee

July 2020 Moorabbin VIC – BD Series P10…

Kaplan Homes

Jan 2020, Sydney NSW – I Series P3…


Jun 2020 Shanghai China – TW Series P3.91…


Dec 2019 Melbourne VIC – TW Series P3.91…